6 Color Jam: More Jank from Burnmelt

Burnmelt joins us once again for the jankiest jank to ever jank, a (mostly) functioning 6 color deck!

The Captain Planet of Decks

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This week’s deck combines all colors into a harmonic chorus of pure joy.  Like Captain Planet, let the factions’ powers combine to make something greater than the sum.  This deck offers an exceptionally weak early game, but makes up for it later with raw power. The transition period is going to hurt, but the payoff is worth it.

Early game: No thinking required

Got a 2 drop blue card in hand? Burn a different blue card if you have it. Ration your gem bar like a poor person rations insulin.  At turn 7, the mana bar should have 2 yellow gems and 1 of each other color. Favor burning spells because they’re generally late game finishers.  Psudonomicon and lamp of wonders help with finding the gems or cards needed in any given situation. Herald of death is like bat soup. No one wants to touch him, and if they do, he might kill everyone.

Mid game: Big brain defense

This is the transition period where Medicare for All hasn’t kicked in yet and you’re working hard to stay alive using self treatment.  Your HP might suffer like a capitalist on an organ donor waiting list.

Recognizing the enemy’s deck is key to success. Keep Wonder Drug and Scourge of Serpents as your way of breaking out of debt against aggro decks.  Setting up bald mountain is a major goal against control decks. Hold onto orbital relay and the lion prince (scion of pride) against midrange decks to remove their key cards. Brass bouncer is an insta-kill against the ephemeral units in reanimator and fires of creation decks.

Late game: All Your Dreams Come True

It's a combo party!  Make some 12/12 giant spiders that you can clone (imperfect copy), and turn into vampires or give overrun to.  Bald mountain gives huge value to spells. High rolling is double casting imperfect copy onto one of these spiders.  Having imperfect copy and conviction or lamia’s kiss in hand is like a death panel just choosing who lives and dies.

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