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Meet Our Players



GunterNine has been a CCG enthusiast since MTG was only played around kitchen tables. He's played everything from MTG, Pokemon, Star Trek, Star Wars, and DragonballZ through the 90's, UFS, MTG, and Chaotic, through the 00's, Poker, TESL, MTG, MTGO, Shadowverse and Mythgard through the 10's, and now with a focus now on Runeterra in the 20's. Heralded as an FNM Champ, a 3rd place Finalist in the UFS Canadian Open, and a regular top 1k placer in TESL, he's got some skill, but recognizes that it's just not enough. So, as they say, "Those who cannot do, teach". Well, he's not going to teach anyone, but he is going to lead. Starting with building a great community in Nephilim and driving their way to the competitive eSports scene.



Content Curator/YouTube Creator

Hey what's up Mythgardians, koolkat here with a terrific Mythgard Team! I got my start in Hearthstone, but after discovering Mythgard I loved it so much that I decided to start making some helpful YouTube videos! People liked it, so I kept going, and here we are.




I have played TCGs like MTG, Yugioh, Keyforge and few other ones on and off. I grew up with video games so I found it natural that I would like for others to experience my hobby together!




Have played just about every card game there is. Mythgard, Hearthstone, and MTG being main focuses. Deck building is something that has always fasinated me and in the main reason besides gane play that I play card games.




I recived my degree in Anthropology from SFSU, with a broad focus in pre-colombian mythology and culture. With a background in archaeology, hydrology, and sedimentology; I have become a man of many talents as an independent freelancer. I enjoy writing, singing, and of course: playing CCG's. Some of my favorites include: L5R, Mythos, MtG, Call of Cthulhu, TESL, Mythgard, Eternal, Stormbound, and Hidden Dimensions.

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